How to Join

1. Eligibility to Join:

 Several years ago, our board voted to obtain a community charter to the Gorman Rupp Credit Union (GROhio) to  anyone who works, lives, worships or goes to school in Richland County. The vote was passed unanimously amongst our board. What this means to you is that no matter where you work in Richland County, where you live in Richland county, where you go to school in Richland County, or where you go to church in Richland County,  you can be a member of our Credit Union.

2.  The Advantage:

All credit unions are owned by the members that belong to the credit union. What this means to you is that …..Credit Unions are NOT FOR PROFIT, earnings are returned to shareholders through better rates and lower fees
vs. Banks where earnings are returned to shareholders as dividends. Credit Unions have members, not shareholders vs Banks with customers and shareholders.  Banks must make money from their customers to please the shareholders.

3. How to join:

You can fill out the contact form below to get started or stop in at our location at 1766 Harrington Memorial Road any Monday – Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and we will have a teller personally work with you to sign up, go over your account options, and get you started on the path to smart money. Minimum Deposit to open a share account is $5.00, bring Driver’s License or state I.D. and a paystub.

4. As opposed to a bank: 

GROhio is insured with American Share Insurance. American Share Insurance (ASI) provides primary and excess share (deposit) insurance exclusively to credit unions. They are a member-owned, share guaranty corporation proud to be the nation’s largest non-federal insurer of credit union deposits.